Research & Surveys


FOJEMM knows the importance of surveys and research for decision making, formulating strategies, policy making, development programming and investment decisions - all of which altimately affect the very survival of the company. Few institutions have the necessary time or human resources to maintain a viable survey/research programme but with FOJEMM as you partner you can rely on the timeous delivery of your needs. 


Our expertise in the provision of support to the pharmaceutical industry, medical research and health service organisations in the fields of Design Direction and Analysing and in data management of economic analysis/evaluations along clinical trials is unparalleled. I would emphasise that our research activities are not confined to the areas of pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare research, as the flexible structure of our alliances and the diverse knowledge of our experts and consultants enable us to provide services tailored to the needs of clients in areas including market research, community and social development, social and public policy, poverty eradication, development management, education, health services and in economics of health and healthcare.


We are not geographically restricted, and specifically in Africa which can be a very difficult theatre for many research activities, we highyl-skilled experts/consultants in that continent and we will be happy to accept your assignments there at very reasonable costs.