Strategy Dev & Rev


The review of a strategy provides the organisation with a golden opportunity to fine-tune or to make any required adjustments to its work practices in order to fully achieve its objectives. Our strategy review process entails detailed, objective reviews to ensure that the organisation is properly addressing its industry’s current and future needs and that it remains competitive in all respects. We make sure that in undertaking the review, considerations are given to the key drivers affecting the organisation’s business and its competitiveness.


Reviews are needed for many reasons, some of the most important being i. changes in the availability of skill personnel ii. the range of skills offered by the individual iii. changes in technology and how it is used and iv. changes in demand for the product.     


The scope of our reviews and our service will always be tailored to our client’s requirements. We will always ensure that the following will be given critical consideration: areas of governance, HR (including employee relations, training and support), areas of risk management, essential/key success factors, performance indicators, sources of funding and funding availability/constraints, areas of change management, and issues of organisational cultural alignment.


Our strategic review activities have concentrated on developing countries (mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa) and we have worked with many governments on the review of their country's development and poverty eradication strategies. However, FOJEMM has the network and resources to take up your assignment in any part of the world.